Nature’s Beauty

Dark Pink Flower DSC_0329 DSC_0330 Pink Flower White Flower

photos I took are to see the true beauty in nature. Most people over look the
true beauty in nature looking at the worst and band things of it. It is not
always about the hurricanes that hit towns , tornadoes destroying homes. They
never notice the good things that come from this. People loose there houses but
they should look on the bright side. When they see a pretty flower blooming you
should think of a new start. A flower it blooms just like a child’s life and
good and bad things will happen to it but its life.

By delafuentetiara


I am from Harlingen Texas. I am interested in photojournalism because, i like to take pictures and make them into something. Something interseting about me would be knowing i want to be a Therapist. My furture goals are to help kids that are going to a hard time with there family.

By delafuentetiara

”Guest Blog Spotlight: Maria Melendez

I sat  down with a fellow classmate and interviewd her. I asked her these five questions. What are you’re dreams when you get older? What do you  do on you’re free time? What do you plane on doing after high school? What college would you like to go to. What place would you like to live? Her response was she would like to go to college and help kids for example Daycare. She think’s it’s very important that children get the attention and care they need. On her free time she like’s to hang out with friend’s and see how and what is going on in there life’s and catch up. Sh also like’s to read funny and action book’s. She love’s to laugh and have a great time. In the mean time she would like to get a well paying job and save up for coollege one of her dream’s. Before she move’s out of state she want’s too go TSTC for  the first couple of year’s and continue to save up. She would like to get her Master’s in being a doctor that would take up  to 8 year’s. After she finishes college she would like to move to florida.

By delafuentetiara

┐ we’re all in deep shit I └

jestine sanchez and tiara delafuente

This has timeliness because it is a protester in spain being attacked by security guards. It is not discriminotry because it is actual events. It informs readers on how spain treats there protesters and, if they need help or not.

By delafuentetiara

Thoughts on the news, feature and editorial writing

There is more facts in the news  than either features and editorial. The word timeliness is being at the right time and moment. I also learned how to use it today. I think features should be used when you are going to the truth in a story beacuse, its meaning is a fact. News is and tells when and where it happend which reflects back on timeliness. They all should be used when they are needed not when ever you feel like it. There are certain ways to use them.

By delafuentetiara